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Turkiye and Syria Earthquake Appeal

Sadaqah Project supports DEC's appeal for the Turkiye and Syria earthquake victims. To donate, please click on the donate button below.

Sadaqah Project emerged in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, where we offered necessary support to the most vulnerable members of our community. This was a period of our lives where we were challenged physically, mentally and spiritually and many of us continue to deal with the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of us continue to grieve the loss of loved ones or are experiencing long-term effects from contracting the Covid-19 virus, which is why we’re kicking off Sadaqah Project’s new mental health campaign.


Whether you or someone you know is feeling anxious, low or dealing with a clinically diagnosed mental health condition, we can do our bit in sharing how we’re feeling with friends, family, community members or mental health professionals. At Sadaqah Project, we want to play our part in propelling the national conversation around mental health, particularly for people in the Muslim community. To get started with our campaign, we will be circulating posters across community spaces and healthcare settings and will be convening a mental health conference this Spring with religious leaders.

Please feel free to use the poster for your community centre. Contact us at, and we will email you an attachment of the poster.

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100% of you found our donation impact reports and videos helpful

Thank you for sharing your feedback and ideas over this summer period, we will use your inputs to develop our 2023/24 strategy.


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What is the meaning of Zakat in Islam

Known as one of the pillars of Islam, zakat is a form of obligatory charity that can alleviate millions of sufferings. Paying zakat purifies, increases, and blesses the remainder of Muslims' wealth, as it literally means 'to cleanse.'

How to calculate your zakat

To calculate 2.5 Zakat on your wealth; multiply 2.5 by the excess amount of your money. For Example; 2.5% x 12,000 USD = 300 USD is due for Zakat.

What is the example of Sadaqah in Islam

Donating some of your blessings (rizk/wealth) to charity, smiling sincerely at a fellow human being, and helping another person in any way you can are examples of sadaqah. Most people associate sadaqah with voluntary monetary donations without a minimum amount.

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