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We believe that poverty, hunger and social exclusion is caused mainly by discrimination based at times mainly on group identity. Working with our partners in the UK and overseas, we aim to provide help in alleviating this by investing in communities through self-help projects enabling them to stand on their own two feet and gain economic freedom to support themselves and their families.

Community Conservation

Sadaqah Project works with the local community and Masjids provide lunch meals to the most vulnerable elderly who require support due to them being either on their own or unable to provide for themselves.


Currently, in the UK, we provide lunch meals to residents in Croydon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If you know of any residents who could benefit from our services or would like to know or work with us, please contact us via

Prison & Immigration

Over the past few months, Sadaqah Project has been providing Muslim intakes with prayer mat kits at prisons and detention centres.

Currently, we work with Brixton Prison, Feltham Young Offenders, Wandsworth Prison, Brookhouse and Tinsley Immigration Removal Centres as well as Colnbrook and Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centres.

High demand continues to arise from the existing places we supply, as well as new inquiries from prisons.

Each pack of three items costs £8.50. Demand for these items is high, and other institutions have asked to be added to our list. Please consider donating to this dawah project by clicking on the link below, or by going to our donate page and transferring your donation to our bank.

You can contact us at if your business supplies these items and, you would like to contribute.


Sadaqah Project carries out overseas aid projects. We aim to target societies most in need of assistance in the areas of Health and Wellbeing, Education, Poverty, eliminating hunger and empowering people through social and financial aid for long term sustainability.

Sadaqah Project Water Hand Pumps Projects

The availability of fresh water is becoming a concern in South Asia, particularly in Pakistan, which may experience water scarcity by 2040 as a result of population growth and climate change. [source: Business Standard 22/3/21).

With this in mind, Sadaqah Project is working on installing hand pumps in hard-to-reach and deprived areas of the country.
Having hand pumps installed provides a lifeline for the community in accessing fresh, clean drinking water whenever they need it.

Gift a Sadaqah Jariyah in honour or memory of someone you love for just £120.
We will provide you with a comprehensive report, including the name of the house owner, the number of people who have benefited from the hand pump, a map of the village, its coordinates, and their telephone number, as well as photos and a video.
Please use the following bank account if you would like one installed:

Account Title: Sadaqah Project
Bank: Lloyds Bank
SC: 30-98-97
Account Number : 29129962
Ref: SQ

                                Solar-Powered Water Well

Sadaqah Project installs solar-powered water wells in schools and Masjids for community use. At a cost of £950, they provide a lot of value to the community. If you would like to have one installed for a loved one, please contact us or use the link 


This year our Ramadan food project helped refugee families based in camps in the Idlib area in Syria.

Our objectives were to :
- Help poor families in this month of Ramadan
- Stand with the Syrian refugees and help them
- Securing adequate food for them for one month
- Introducing joy and happiness to the hearts of these families by providing them with food


A total of 100 families and 637 people in total benefitted for the whole month of Ramadan from this project. JAK for all your support towards this project.


2021 Syrian Qurbani Project

In 2021 Sadaqah Project carried out their Qurbani project for Syrian refugees based in Turkey and Syria.

Our goals:
-Reviving the sacrificial year and promoting the spirit of social solidarity among Muslims.
- Feeding the poor and needy during the days of Eid and bringing pleasure to their hearts.
- Reducing the burden of displacement and migration that Syrians are suffering from it.


Our beneficiaries.
- Orphans, Poor families,
-Low-income people.
The locations where the meat will be distributed:
Turkey: Urfa, Gaziantep.
Syria: Albab, Gerablus

The cost of one sheep or a Goat cost £140
The cost of a full cow £1036 or part of 7 of £1148

To place your Qurbani please use the following bank account:
Account Title: Sadaqah Project

Bank: Lloyds Bank
SC: 30-98-97
Account Number: 29129962
Ref: SQ



Gaza op3.jpg
Gaza op4.jpg

Cleft lip and cleft palate are an opening in the upper lip that sometimes may extend into the nose. The opening often tends to be on one side, both sides, or in the middle. It normally occurs when the roof of the mouth contains an opening into the nose. The disorders can result in feeding problems, speech problems, hearing problems, and frequent ear infections.

It is a result of tissues of the face not joining properly during development
A cleft lip or palate can be successfully treated with surgery. This is often done in the first few months of life for cleft lip.

In Pakistan, 9000 children are born with cleft lips or palates every year and 132 million babies were born with cleft lip/palate or both in the world annually.

According to a rough estimate, there are around 1.2 million untreated cleft patients in the world, of which around 300,000 are in Pakistan. In Sindh, their number is estimated around 50,000 to 60,000,” he said. “Dr Mohammad Ashraf Ganatra”.

Children are often shunned or isolated by their communities if they are born with a cleft because they are seen as ‘different'.

To bring a smile back to the lives of the children and change their lives forever it takes as little as 45 minutes of surgery.

Sadaqah Project working in partnership with clinics in Pakistan is giving you the opportunity to change the life of a child forever and bring back a smile to their faces.

You can do that by giving your Sadaqah, Zakat or by donating towards the cost of an operation.

Operation theatre charges

£38.00    $66.00Cad     $53USD

Ward charges

         £29.00        $50.00CAD             $40.00USA

Operative medicine charges

£20.00     $34.00CAD    $28.00USA

Anaesthesia charges

£34.00     $59.00CAD     $47.00USD

Surgeon fee including medical officer charges pre-post-op care /visit charges

 £145     $251CAD      $199.00USD

ICU Recovery charges

 £15.00       $26.00 CAD      $21.00USD

Total cost of operation

£ 281.00   $486.00CAD     $388.00USD

DONATE: Cleft Palate Surgery


2021 Syria Ramadan Food Project

In 2021 our Ramadan food project was working in camps based in Idlib Syria,

Our objectives of this project were:

- To help poor families in this month of Ramadan.
- Stand with the Syrian refugees and help them.
- Securing adequate food for them for one month.
- Introduce joy and happiness to the hearts of these families by providing them with food.

For providing one month worth of food, the cost was £36.00 $65 CAD or $50 USD

Each pack of food consisted of :
5 Kg Sugar
5 Kg Rice
3 Kg Long grain rice
5 Kg Groats
5 Kg Tomato Molasses
5 Lit Cooking Oil
1 kg Tea
2 Kg Beans
2 Kg Chick peas
4 Kg Crushed Lentils
3 Kg whole Lentils
1 Kg Dates
1 Kg Vermicelli
1 Kg Spaghetti

The Syrian Ramadan Food Project was delivered on the 30th of April. A total of 100 families and 637 people benefited from this project.
JAK For all your support.

Sadaqah Project delivered Ramadan Food Relief project in Gaza in 2021. The program was delivered on the 1st of May. 40 families and a total of 175 people benefitted from this project. 
To view photos visit our gallery page.

Syrian Orphanage Project

This project was delivered in January 2021. The project was to provide warm winter clothes to children living in the orphanage on the borders of Turkey and Syria.

Yemen Hygiene Pack Appeal

Sadaqah Project are collecting donations for hygiene packs for women and young girls based in camps for internally displaced people in Yemen.
The hygiene pack  which cost £12.50 or $17.40USD or $22.00 CAD will consist of  the following items:

  1. 2 x Women Sanitary pads

  2. 2 x Hand soap

  3. 1 x Toothpaste

  4. 1 x Toothbrush

  5. 1 x Cotton pyjamas

If you would like to donate towards this project click onto the link below.
Yemen Hygiene Pack Appeal

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