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Umrah Project


To kick off 2023, we have launched a new project we’re excited to share with you. 


As we all know, along with Hajj, performing Umrah is a lifelong dream for many. For those who cannot afford it, it is a dream that lives and dies with them.  


Our new initiative, the Umrah Project, aims to fulfil those dreams for those who cannot do so. The Sadaqah Project is working with organisations in Pakistan and Nepal to raise funds for Umrah trips for their citizens. 

Please consider donating any money to this project to turn a Muslim brother or sister’s dream into reality. 

The eligibility criteria for selecting pilgrims to benefit from this project will be those from Nepal and Pakistan's most vulnerable and marginalised citizens.

Any amount donated is welcomed.

1. The cost of sending someone in Pakistan to Umrah for 15 days is 200,000 rupees (£833). This includes flight, visa, accommodation, guided tours and airport pickup. Food is not included. 


2. Nepal costs 166245 Nepalese rupees (£1045) for a 15-day Umrah, including flight, visa, accommodation, and airport pickup.




Please donate whatever amount you can by clicking on the button below

May Allah SWT accept your donation and your ambitions for visiting the house of Allah. 

Meet Habib Ahmed

            CASE STUDY

This is Habib Ahmed, aged 49 years old. Habib comes from a village called Laddar near Gujarkhan in the district of Rawalpindi.
Habib is married with five children, three girls and two boys. Other than his wife, he is also responsible for his elderly sister. 
Habib's sole income is from a tea stall he runs with his brother. 

Income generated from the tea stall maintains his day-to-day way of life. His local Masjid selected Habib as a beneficiary of our Umrah project, funded by your generous donation.
Habib flew on the 20th of February 2023 to perform his Umrah. May Allah SWT accept his Umrah and all those who donated to make his lifetime dream come through.

Listen Habib Ahmad Umrah experience

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